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The Minhaj Halal Certification (MHC) is associated with Minhaj-ul-Quran International and aimed at providing credible professional certification, training and Halal awareness services that directly contribute towards the growth and sustenance of the rapidly expanding global Halal Industry. With a skilled and recognized team of Shariah scholars and Food Science scholars, MHC is striving to become an Institution by Choice for Halal.

Halal Education and Certification

“The Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) certification procedures and Halal Standards as well as OIC/SMIIC Halal standards are continuously utilized because they received widespread recognition for maintaining excellence in the field of Halal compliance. Minhaj Halal Certification undertakes scope for Farming (Animal and Plants), Processing (Perishable Animals and Vegetable and long shelf life products), Feed production (animals, birds fish) , Catering (hotels, restaurants), Distribution (retail outlets, shops, wholesalers), Services, Transport and Storage, Packaging and Other manufacturing (cosmetics, textile, leather, pharmaceutical, modest fashion etc).”

To be the trustworthy partner in the Halal Food Global Industry

The MHC promotes adherence to food safety, food hygiene and quality in compliance with the applicable Laws, Standards and within the teachings of the Islamic jurisprudence and faith. MHC interacts with local and international establishments that are involved in the production and supply of Halal Products.

News & Events


Minhaj Halal Participation in Karachi Expo

Minhaj Halal Participation in Karachi Expo

3 Days DALFA Cattle Show and International Conference, Karachi


Halal Education for Future Opportunities

Halal Education for Future Opportunities

An awareness seminar that was organized by Minhaj Halal Pakistan and Minhaj University Lahore in the context to career opportunities for students.


International Conference on Pharma, Food & Healthcare

International Conference on Pharma, Food & Healthcare

Pak Pharma Health Care Expo held in Expo Center Lahore from 11-13 feb 2020


Virtual University visit

Virtual University visit

​A delegation of Minhaj University Lahore and Minhaj Halal Certification visited the Virtual University main campus in Lahore


Dr. Ibrahim Danjuma on board with Minhaj Halal Pakistan

Dr. Ibrahim Danjuma on board with Minhaj Halal Pakistan

Associate Professor of Marketing Management, Department of Management Technology, School of Management and Information Technology, Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola, Nigeria