Professor Dr. Shafqat Ali Al-Baghdadi Al-Azhari

Member Shariah Compliance Committee MHC

Professor Dr. Shafaqat Ali Al-Baghdadi Al-Azhari is a prominent among young Islamic scholars of Pakistan. In 2001, after completing his Shahadatul Sanvia from Minhaj University Lahore, he moved to Al-Nizamiyya of Baghdad in Iraq (the largest Islamic University of the Medieval time where Al-Ghazali and Saadi also contributed). Onwards in 2005, he moved to Al-Azhar University of Cairo in Egypt where he spent most of his time in Islamic research and spiritual journeys. He attended many conferences and events in Egypt where he presented his scholars. In 2012, he completed his PhD from Al-Azhar and returned to Pakistan. He contributes regularly for many Islamic research journals and magazines. One of his famous book Israr-al-Nahu received applauded apprehension from the the research scholars for a better understanding around Ilm-Nahu.

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