Peer Zia-ul-Mustafa Makki Al-Azhari

Member Shariah Compliance Committee MHC

Peer Zia-ul-Mustafa Makki Al-Azhari is an Islamic scholar, a Mufti and a spiritual leader of Aastana-e-Shah Jamalia of southern Punjab in Pakistan. He completed his Shahadatul Sanvia in 2004 from Minhaj-ul-Quran’s College of Shariah and Islamic Sciences and was selected by Al-Azhar University of Cairo in Egypt for BS scholarship. In 2009 he joined Dar-ul-Afta of Egypt and completed Takhasusfi Aftaa (Mufti Course). In 2013, he completed his Mphil from Al-Azhar University. During his stay in Egypt he also visited Syria, and traveled for spiritual and learning journeys.  He spent quite a time with Syed bin Ibrahim bin Bajola Al ash-Sheikh. He received apprehension for his research in Al-Azhar and continued writing articles in different journals. Now he is a Professor in Minhaj-ul-Quran’s College of Shariah and Islamic Sciecnes and also Naib Mufti in Dar-ul-Aftaa.

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