Halal market has becoming a phenomenal reality globally with the growing number of customers, both Muslims and non-Muslims. The emergence of a global Halal market has opened vast opportunities for companies in numerous industries that include food, finance, fashion, hospitality, pharmaceutical, agriculture and services. New dimensions of Halal areas are expected to be explored by the Halal market players to develop more innovative Halal offerings to benefit all consumer groups.

MHC will be facilitating the market, the academia and the students through targeted Research and Development activities undertaken with the collaboration of School of Food and Nutrition, The Minhaj University Lahore. Quality food testing lab facilities are also available to test and verify results of any R & D project or related services / products certification.

Halal Research and Development

Knowledge Management

The Minhaj Halal Certification. has signed MoU with The Minhaj University Lahore for knowledge management over Halal Research and Development. New programs will be offered to bridge the knowledge gap with an aim to produce practical, well-structured and market-oriented courses /study programs on rapidly changing needs of the Halal sector.

The Food Science Department of The Minhaj University Lahore has designed a course around Halal Food Safety Management System that is a unique blend of theoretical and practical approaches addressing current market needs. This is a first ever university level course being offered around Halal in Pakistan. MHC also acquire a modern library and study center at its premises where a good quantity of Books and Research is available for learners.

Halal Research and Development


Shariah is a major component in terms of Halal Research. The Minhaj Halal Certification assessed the available resources on Halal research around the globe. It was pointed out that the element of Shariah in Halal Research and Development needs a more focus specially in countries like Pakistan. Minhaj ul Quran International has a vast background and recognized efforts around Islamic research in the world. MHC has signed MoUs with MQI’s Fareed-e-Millat Research Institute (FMRI) and College of Shariah and Islamic Sciences (COSIS) for Halal Research and Development.

MHC is committed to give new dimensions to Halal Research and Development from Shariah perspective. MHC Shariah resources comprise of highly qualified religious scholars and Muftis who are graduated from the famous Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt withPh.D. in Islamic Sciences and Fiqah. FMRI and COSIS work under the directed guidance of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri’s leadership.